mobile telecommunication technologies, it comes after 3G and precedes 5G, a technology we will not see around till at least the 2018 world cup in Russia, where it is expected to do his debut. But let′s focus for the moment on the 4th generation.

The main difference between 3G and 4G, and the one customers will feel the most when the pick a 4G phone for the first time in their hands, is speed.  4G connection′s speed varies up to the standard you are using, but generally speaking range from 100mbs up to 300mbs, 540 mbps connection′s were tested in the Barcelona′s MWC in 2013.  In most cases though 150mbs is the most you are going to get out of your 4G connection. It may seem like 150 mbs per second is not much compared to the speed you get with wifi, but it is actually a huge improvement from previous  3G speed that on average tops around 70kbs, and in most case 40kbs.

Some of you might be wondering if you need that much speed, but you have to remember that smartphones actually would not exist without 2G and more importantly 3G. First came the connection, then, the user created the need, if with 3G came media rich messaging, mobile internet, etc… with 4G could come, video on demand, youtube streaming from your phone, etc.. the possibilities are endless.

So how does HUAWI react to this new 4G era? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, HUAWI 4G Smartphone Z1, N3 PLUS, F1, F2...

Besides having a really gorgeous design, these 4G phones comes with a little surprise under the hood, an MTK6732 & MTK6752. It comes with some major improvements, being the most important of all the dual mode LTE compatibility that provides worldwide LTE coverage, meaning that you can connect to a 4G network in virtually all the countries of the world. Besides that, it allows for 13MP cameras, and HD video and has a Mali-T760 GPU, which will be great for games. So the F1 is sure to be one of our best models so far.

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